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Conversion Sharks was created by a team of industry veterans with over 20 years of combined experience in all facets of the online marketing industry. Our backgrounds were primarily focused within the dating vertical so we brought this expertise and experience together to create the leading dating performance network.

Currently we offer 500+ individual offers spanning many different GEOs, many of which are exclusive, and we are constantly adding more.

We are a private network

We choose to work extremely closely with both our publishers and our advertisers to create mutually rewarding business relationships. We often pass on suggestions, experience, optimization scripts, and much more along to our publishers to ensure they are getting the highest EPCs possible while pushing our offers. In addition, we manage the optimizations for many publishers who have bulk traffic at their disposal and don't have the time or knowledge to optimize to the highest level.

Our Focus

Pay Per Lead

Pay Per Lead, both SOI and DOI, is our bread and butter. We have a ton of high converting exclusive offers that will get you the highest and the quickest return possible so that you can roll your profits right back into growing your traffic and overall operation.

Pay Per Sale

Do you prefer to get paid a hefty one time commission for every verified purchase? We have a large variety of exclusive Pay Per Sale offers to meet your needs. This can be more lucrative for those who are not purchasing traffic immediately with your profits.

Pay Per Click

We are one of few networks in the dating vertical that has PPC available as a means to gain additional revenue from your existing traffic. This however is done on a case by case basis with proven publishers only. Contact your affiliate manager to check your eligibility.

Traffic Management

We have managed literally thousands of campaigns, both internally and for select publishers/networks, and have the data to know what works. We have a large database of pre-sale landers, banners, and offers to split test and optimize YOUR traffic to the highest level.

Network Management

Want your own network of offers but don't know where to start? We offer a whitelabel solution for those who have a lot of contacts and traffic at their disposal to get you up and running right away saving you countless hours of setup, research, and offer acquisition.


In addition to managing traffic for select clients we also offer an array of additional tools to gain extra revenue on your existing traffic. We are also confident that we can beat most, if not all, of your current best converting offers in terms of payouts AND conversions!

Become A Shark Today!

As an affiliate of ours not only do you gain access to all of the top converting offers within the dating vertical but you also get one on one optimization coaching from industry experts, monetization tools, and so much more!

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